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24 Jun

My Fishing Spot’s Better Than Yours…..Expand Your Your Hotspots

September 17, 2021

Every fisherman has their hot spots that they head to. You know, a place that you had great hookups a few months ago. It can be a certain dock or a deep hole that you’ve had success in the past. While that’s good……my spot’s better. Most fishermen work an in area of about 3 to 6 boat lengths. Rather than running from specific places in one creek and seeing if it’s holding fish and then running to another, I fish a much bigger area. Instead of sticking with a single small spot, I have one spot that has all I need for a great day of fishing.

My spot is usually a creek that’s at least a ½ mile long. It has multiple docks and structures that work well at holding species like Redfish and Flounder. I also like an area with holes from 12  to 20 feet deep for catching live shrimp for bait, and there are some shallow areas of about 3 feet that hold bait and are favored locations for fish like Reds moving through the shallows feeding on the moving bait.  Those holes I mentioned are great spots for Flounder as well.

In this location, I can usually fish both tides and winds. I just identify the wind direction to know which direction to set up my boat. I commonly use a 7 or 7.5-foot rod which allows me to sit a long time in one place and fish a wider range of targets. I can fish a nearby bank or the pilings of a dock that’s within striking distance. I can also cast in the middle of the channel if I want to see if the Speckled Trout are biting. It’s multiple environments in a single place.

When you fish only part of a creek or other estuary, you leave a load of potential behind.

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