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30 Jun

Wilmington’s Nav-Unique… Serious Competitor In Fishing Navigation Market

September 3, 2021

Technology continues to play an increasing role in today’s fishing. We now have “spot lock” trolling motors that do far more than just trolling the creeks on a small boat. We now have side-scan sonar used in our search for fish. This trend also includes the use of satellites that provide sea temperatures and other data that determine the presence of fish and can even predict the species. Technology is here to stay, and it continues to grow. One of the best examples is seen with a Wilmington, NC, company called Maps Unique. For over 30 years, this company has developed and created underwater maps that identify locations of underwater structures that act as an environment for multiple species of fish. In 2019, Maps Unique combined forces with  Andren Software to develop Nav-Unique.

The Nav-Unique product allows the over 5000 fishing waypoints the parent company developed to be placed on a computer SD card. By doing this, it allows those waypoints to be downloaded into most marine GPS units. The Nav-Unique’s data includes all-natural bottom sites, all individual artificial reef structures, and wreck locations. Tagging along with each waypoint entry is a description field that provides place name, type of structure(s), and water depth. Chart plotters will display waypoints with special Maps Unique icons that match the hardcopy map sites off the Carolina coast. There are plans on the drawing board to expand coverage areas to the entire East Coast. Anglers can simply insert the SD card for their desired region. At present, the product comes in 6 versions based on region, and its popularity is based on ease of use and detail.

Within its first 18 months, Nav-Unique has received rave reviews by sales outpacing the company’s expectations. The digital version of Maps Unique hardcopy printed map areas have made it possible for anglers to combine the use of their GPS with the detailed information that made the company a forerunner in underwater mapping on the Carolina coast. It’s very popular for nearshore and offshore fisherman, especially those familiar with Maps Unique maps. With frequent updates, the digital version (Nav-Unique) remains current and provides the latest information for the fishing community. Another positive factor is the cost of Nav-Unique. Compared to competitive options, it’s considerably more affordable, which is just under $200. This makes it attractive not only to large boat owners but also to smaller boat owners that are becoming a larger part of nearshore and offshore fishing.

Possibility the best feature that Map’s Unique has to offer is the one on one customer service. Unlike most technology-based companies, Maps Unique offers customer assistance via phone or email for no additional charge. No online chat or forums to help the angler, simply a live experienced person to make use of Nav-Unique as easy as possible.

Nav-Unique has proven to be a game-changer. It was created by Captain Chip Berry, who brings years of offshore fishing experience to the table. That experience includes underwater map development and a keen understanding of marine biology. Thanks to this experience, Nav-Unique provides the angler exactly what they need. None of the costly useless frills that are commonly found in other mapping software. It’s about identifying where the fish live and feed, and Nav-Unique hits the nail on the head.

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