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23 Apr

Taste of the Carolina Coast……Big Tuna Raw Bar…Georgetown, SC

Located in downtown Georgetown, SC, on a well-traveled sidewalk, is a restaurant and bar named Big Tuna. This was my first visit, but I felt like I had been there before. The atmosphere was  welcoming thanks to the chatter and laughter of those friends sitting at the bar making me feel like I was one of the locals. This is a place that salty fishermen, young and old, frequent to swap fishing stories and have a beer together. We saw lots of sunglasses and croakies, and “coon eyes”. Bucky Watkins, the owner, came in with his Columbia fishing shirt on and khaki shorts and joins in on the conversations. Greeting his friends with a pat on the back, the laughter can be heard all around. The appetizers that  covered the bar, such as the steamed clams, Grouper Fingers, and Calamari were not only tempting but the taste was second to none. It is truly a place where good  food and company rule the day.

This “gathering place” opens up to a large deck out the back of the restaurant. You can choose to sit outside and eat and watch the sport fishing boats coming back in after a day of fishing while enjoying pleasent conversation with a glass of wine or any other beverage of your choice, or just take in the beauty of the sunset. We fell in love with the rustic environment that made this place so inviting, with its wood floors and nostalgic articles on the walls. While there we spent a lot of time remembering and talking about our fishing days past thanks to nostalgic decor.

Angie Watkins, also an owner, met Tim and me with her smile and warm personality. She invited us to have lunch and we told her we came because we heard it was the best place around to eat.  I ordered my lunch which was a crab cake sandwich with a bowl of the gumbo, surpassing any gumbo I’ve had in recent years and that includes on my trips to New Orleans. It had a very unique taste in that it was full of delicious sausage, shrimp, and spices, very savory, without being overwhelmed with the spices. Our waiter, Brody, was so friendly and attentive, and if feel sure he is a representation of the way the wait staff is trained because everyone was accommodating.  Tim ordered the whole fried Flounder with the side of coleslaw and french fries. This is their signature dish. It’s lightly battered, deep-fried to perfection and the side items only add to the all-round flavors of the entire meal. The menu is expansive, so I assure you there is something for all palates. The next time you visit Georgetown, or if you are fortunate enough to live there already, make sure you go to Big Tuna Raw Bar and Grill. It is an experience like no other.

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