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21 Oct

Mackerel Magic King Skirts….Product Spotlight

With the best of King Mackerel fishing on us with the U.S. Open happening right now, I felt that it was best time to provide a review of a new King rig that I have found great success with. It’s the Mackerel Magic skirt made by Short Rigger Tackle in Little River South Carolina. I first tried their rigs a number of months ago and they’ve been my go-to rig for King Mackerel fishing ever since.

The first thing that I noticed was the fantastic flash that the rigs had. Far more than other rigs I had used in the past. That Mackerel Magic seems to have made a significant improvement in attracting the fish especially in the murky conditions that we sometimes find ourselves fishing in. It allows the Kings to see the bait at a far greater distance and therefore expands our field of potential bites. Along with the improved flash the rig pulls almost flawlessly that makes for consistent trolling and not having to check the rigs and baits as frequently which allows us the leave the bait in the water for a longer period of time.

One of the I’m particularly impressed with is the fact that the rigs are hand tied which has proven to eliminate any rig failures that can result in lost fish or lost time re-rigging. I also like the fact that all components of the Mackerel Magic are made right here in the USA. The durability exceeds my expectations thanks to the high quality Mylar that’s used.  Speaking of Mylar, the rigs can be made in a multiple array of colors and color combinations. They can even custom design a combination of your choice that specifically fits your needs. I got to tell you that my preferred color is the pink/green.

These rigs are weighted perfectly and ready to fish. They work great with baits like ribbon fish, dead baits as well as menhaden and blue fish.

Using the Mackerel Magic for the past months has been a great experience. In addition to the products solid performance the company is wonderful to work with. No large company corporate run around here. It’s experienced anglers at Short Rigger Tackle serving anglers with their “hands on” approach.

For More Info, Contact: Short Rigger Tackle at www.shortriggertacklellc.com

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