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08 Aug

Regulation Changes for Dolphin and Wahoo on the Horizon

It’s not particularly difficult or ­original to wax poetic about dolphin. They are notoriously prolific, not only from a biological perspective, but also in art. Painters, photographers, ­carvers, chefs, and countless other creatives have found inspiration in their ­spectacular beauty, fight, and taste. No wonder they’re so popular.

Read any story about dolphin, and the writer will immediately paint your imagination in neon green and vibrant blue. Angry, hooked dolphin leaping through the air and thrashing as they bound over cresting waves flashes in the ­reader’s mind’s eye. Talking about ­dolphin in such a colorful context is easy. Fishery management information, however, is not quite as appealing to read—or to write. But there is crucially important information to extract from management news, ­especially as it relates to changing ­regulations for fishermen.

Courtesy of: Marlin Magazine

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