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02 Oct

One More Cast, Just One More Cast….Looking Back To Another Year Past

For many saltwater anglers, the holidays mark the end of another fishing year. The days are no longer warm enough and the jackets and sweatshirts are no longer thick enough for our days on the water to be enjoyable. So, many of us head to the water one last time until the warmer days of the coming spring and summer that seems like years away. It’s the day we make “one last cast.”

It could be a day like the day that is firmly burned in my memory when my grown son asked me about when I knew that his mom was the woman I wanted to marry. I told him that I knew it the instant I saw her for the first time and that I’ve never had second thoughts. After several minutes of quiet solitude, I told him that if he had to ask me that question, he had most likely found the right one just like I had many years ago. A few months later he married that pretty little girl and today they have 2 beautiful children. Like fishing, if you want to have the catch of a lifetime, you have to set your goals high and make that perfect cast. John and I both not only made the perfect cast but the last cast in regard to our mates. I don’t think he’s fished a single time since that day on the boat.

This year’s final day of fishing is not only filled with memories, but thoughts of next year….the fish we’ll catch and the new places we’ll go to catch them. It’s also about what we’ll do different when fishing, but also with our life when we’re not fishing. I’m talking about our careers, what we hope to accomplish and the things we want to enjoy. As I enter the autumn of my years, I’ve found that those casts have become fewer and farther between both on the water and life itself. That makes each cast more and more important and memorable every year. Now, I find myself fishing with my grandchildren as well as my wife of 42 years. I no longer make my goal to reel in the big fish like the giant Bluefin I caught off the Carolina coast in 1997 or that big Wahoo I caught in the Florida Keys in 2009. I strive for one more cast with my granddaughter or grandson while they sip on iced tea, and I answer a 1000 questions. I strive for one more cast with the love of my life sitting on an old pier talking about our great memories and sipping on a cup of coffee.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love those days being Captain Tim Wilson and fishing all over America which will always be great memories. However, being Paw Paw, fishing with a 5-year-old where my biggest challenge is getting the blood worm on a hook is the real memory for this old Captain. For now I live to make one more cast…..just one more cast.

Have a great 2022.

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