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15 Jul

The Wilmington Grill….Anglers Outdoor Cooking Dream

February 18, 2022

Next to fishing, grilling is probably the most enjoyable activity for most coastal anglers. After a great day on the water, there’s almost nothing better than grabbing a cold beverage and firing up the grill and creating a delicious dinner. You’re only limited by your imagination as to the menu because grilling has taken on a whole new meaning in recent years. The days of the small round grills with a pile of charcoal and the smell of lighter fluid, grilling burgers and dogs are pretty much a thing of the past. Today, grilling has moved to a whole new level of excellence. That includes smoking, steaming, and more. Possibly the biggest changes have come in the construction of grills. This was driven by grill owners facing frequently rusted or burn-out problems with the grill and its burners. This was compounded even more with grillers living in the coastal areas facing issues caused by saltwater corrosion.

These concerns were squarely addressed by Wilmington, NC grill manufacturer, Wilmington Grill. The company has been successful at creating and serving a niche market of grillers, both coastal and inshore. The company designs and manufactures a full line of grills that are made to last a lifetime, rather than grills with endless bells and whistles and digital controls that are subject to create problems. Wilmington Grill places their focus on creating simple to use, long-lasting grills. This strategy has proven to play a key role in the company’s growth says Jon Barber, Wilmington Grill’s VP and General Manager/Operations.

That strategy includes the use of 304 stainless steel in the construction including the burners, which is the most prevalent failure in many grill lines. The use of this highly regarded steel also plays a key role in the grill’s cooking capability by ensuring a more consistent heat, allowing the grill user to expand their menu items to include fish and vegetables without the fear of flaring up. The grill design also allows the flame to be deflected to better distribute the heat. The same 304 stainless steel used in the burner construction is also used in the fabrication of the grill’s body. The high-grade steel of the Wilmington Grill can withstand the coastal saltwater environment unlike others on the market today.

Fan of Smoking? Have no fear, you can still smoke your favorite meats in the Wilmington Grill. It cooks everything from burgers to the most delicate fish and anything in between. The indirect method of heat opens the door to cooking appetizers and other sometimes sensitive foods as an easy option. The Wilmington Grill comes in a variety of sizes and choices such as propane, charcoal, and LP gas depending on the need and use of the griller. They make the more traditional cart style model as well as drop-in style for the outdoor kitchen enthusiast.

In short, Wilmington Grills are made with the true grilling enthusiast in mind. It provides excellence by the focus on simplicity. The price of the Wilmington Grill may be higher than others, but it’s not about what it costs….It’s about what it’s worth.

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