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30 Jun

PENN Slammer IV and Slammer IV DX Spinning Reel series Overview/Review

The PENN Slammer III was a great success for PENN Fishing tackle; a strong, sealed and dependable saltwater spinning reel. So how do you make the Slammer series better? PENN has released the Slammer IV and Slammer IV DX (Dealer Exclusive) series of saltwater spinning reels. I was fortunate to have help design and test these new Slammer IV reels. Myself as well as a few other top notch saltwater guides and captains helped with the design and testing of the new Slammer IV series. The Slammer IV and Slammer IV DX reels feature a IPX6 Sealed system which keeps water, salt, sand out of the gear box and drag system. PENN is also using the updated Slammer Drag System which now utilizes PENN’s proprietary Dura-Drag material. (HT-100 in 2500 size) The same Dura-Drag material used in PENN Internationals; “Big Smooth Drag Systems”!

Here are some of the key features of the New Slammer IV spinning reel series:

• Full Metal Body, side plate and rotor
• Reduced Rotor weight
• Hydrophobic bearing in line roller (sheds water away from the roller)
• Reduced minimum drags for better low end
• CNC Gear Technology; smooth out of the box and stays smooth under pressure.
• Stainless steel Gears in the DX series
• IPX6 Sealed body and spool design
• Sealed Slammer Drag system with Dura-Drag
• 8+1 Stainless Steel bearing system, 9+1 for DX series (DX has two bearings in the spool)
• Super Line ready spool
• Line Capacity Rings
• Instant Anti-Reverse
• Slammer IV comes in sizes 2500, 3500, 4500, 5500, 6500, 7500, 8500 & 10500; DX 2500 to 8500
• High speed models in sizes 2500, 4500, 6500 and 8500
• A bail-less model in 5500
• Drag ranges of thirty (20) pounds 2500 size reel and Sixty (60) pounds 10500 size reel (Max drag)
• One of the differences between the Slammer IV and Slammer IV DX; the DX series has CNC Stainless steel main gears. Slammer IV has hardened CNC Brass.

You may notice the larger handles on spinning reels in the market these days. I won’t lie, at first, I was not a fan, but after using reels with bigger handle setups. I found out I really like them. Yes, I was wondering the same thing out of the box; “boy that handle looks odd, how’s it going to feel and fish?” To my surprise it feels and works great. It’s easier on your hands and fingers, makes it easier to hold the rod and not have the reel walk back and forth in your hands. Also, when reeling in fast or working a lure fast it’s easier to keep the speed constant with the easy control of the larger handle. Especially with the high-speed models. All models* of the Slammer IV reels come with the metal gold handle knob and an EVA foam knob as well in the box. You can choose whatever you like to fish with. (*2500 only comes with an EVA knob).

As a guide on the design and test team for the Slammer IV I’ve been very impressed with the lasting smoothness and strength of this series of reels. I’ve had them for just over a year & a half and they are still just as smooth as they were out of the box! On my 2500-test size I’ve caught loads of Flounder and Redfish in the one-to-six-pound range. We also landed a eighty-pound Tarpon and countless Bull Red Drum over forty inches on a 5500-test reel; still smooth! I’ll definitely have the Slammer IV series of reels in my arsenal for this upcoming fishing season. The Slammer IV and DX series are in your favorite Tackle shops Now!

If you have any questions of the PENN Slammer IV series or any other PENN product, please let me know or check out www.pennfishing.com

Thanks for reading and good fishing to you!

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