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02 Oct

Early Summer Cobia Fishing With Captain Joe Shute

With warmer days here, it’s time to hit the water in search of Cobia and Joe is the Carolina’s leader when it comes to Cobia fishing.

Joes starts with a rig that’s made up of an 8/0 hook with a 4′ leader made of 80-pound mono and a 90-pound swivel with a 3-ounce egg weight riding on top of the swivel. It’s a rig that has proven over the years to be both simple and effective. Next, he finishes by rigging with a live or dead menhaden. Joe then connects the rig to his 30-pound class spinning reel spooled with 65-pound braid.

Once out the inlet, Joe heads for one of his many favorites places that have deep holes, which is the preferred holding spots for Cobia. He always has a moving tide. When it comes to the best time of day, it’s again all about the moving tide. The use of menhaden oil can be used to get the Cobia’s attention. Having a tower on your boat can always help too.


While the Carolina’s got off to a rather slow start, there’s still time to catch a few Cobia if they’re on your bucket list. Cobia commonly hang around on into July, depending on the weather and water temp. After then, they tend to slow down, so get out there soon.

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