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23 Apr

Want To Cut The Fishing Learning Curve?…..Call the TEACHER

Fishing has seen a lot of innovations in past years. Electronics have vastly improved as well as the development of today’s fishing boats. It’s a far cry from what seemed just a few years ago. The changes in lures have seen a rapid improvement with scents becoming a science and offshore tackle becoming works of art. At times, these changes are hard for any fisherman to keep up with, much less those anglers just entering the sport, and with all the choices in lures, tackle, boats, electronics, not to mention fishing tactics. Oh yeah, let’s not forget fishing regulations. Where do you start? The local guides are a good place, but most guides are geared to take you on a fishing trip. They’re unable to teach you a lot in a few hour’s trips. This is especially true for the anglers that are focused on offshore fishing which can be more complicated as well as dangerous.

Recently, an innovative approach has come about that addresses this need. It’s a service that provides hands-on education for those seeking to learn the art of offshore fishing by taking the costly and at times dangerous path of trial and error. Wilmington, North Carolina’s Captain Rod Bierstedt is one of the pioneers of that approach. His 40 years of fishing have been spent as a recreational fisherman and charter captain. In the more recent years, Rob has become a well-known and sought-after fishing seminar speaker that covers nearly every aspect of offshore fishing. Now in his 70s, he has moved away from the daily grind of the charter and guide segment of the business. Today, he spends many of his days providing a hands-on approach to multiple aspects of fishing to those that have accelerated past the long learning process that is largely driven by trial and error. The best part is the rookie angler learns on his or her personal boat and uses their own fishing gear. Bierstedt will even accompany the client to the local tackle shop to select the appropriate gear for the type of fishing they’re wanting to do. This step oftentimes saves the client from costly purchases that they may regret later.

The training program includes how to properly use the boat’s electronics with items such as the GPS, radar, and VHF radio. Then teach the boat owner how to better utilize their boat for offshore fishing trips. It’s a segment that includes safety concerns as well area knowledge. He covers the actual fishing segment that addresses the rigging processes, baits as well as fishing tactics. The best part of this is the years of experience that Rod shares in finding the locations where the fish are gathering, and why they gather there. He also explains the importance of tunning and using the fish finder effectively to successfully locate the fish rather than moving past them. This is one of his best talents. Over the past years, he has amassed thousands of fish gathering locations that play a key role in his successful catches. He explains how the rookie anglers can start the gathering process and how to manage their fishing waypoints. Best of all Bierstedt provides his students with an astounding amount of printed data that he has mined over the years. It covers countless aspects of offshore fishing and serves as a great resource, not only for today but also for the future.

It’s plain to see that this is the future way of learning to be a great fisherman. It substantially cuts the wasted cost of purchasing the wrong tackle and lures as well as reduces the fuel cost by fishing aimlessly just hoping to catch a fish. Utilizing an experienced angler and boat captain is a great way that’s sure to grow in the years to come along the Atlantic coast. I think even the fisherman with years of experience would be greatly surprised at what they would learn. As far as the instructors like Captain Rod Bierstedt, we can’t let all that knowledge go to waste. Get Hooked!!!!

For Information Call: Rod Bierstedt at (910) 352-2719

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