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14 Aug

North Carolina’s New River Oyster Highway Turned a Dead Zone Into a Seatrout Fishing Hotspot

The New River Oyster Highway started as an innovative way to clean sea water along North Carolina’s central coast, but it’s turned into a seatrout and redfish fishing hotspot. Located just south of the storied Outer Banks region, the New River had been so horribly polluted that people didn’t fish it or swim in it. It was a barren, dead zone. In fact, in the mid-1990s, a huge waste spill from a commercial pig operation didn’t appreciably degrade the New River because it was already devoid of life. But that sad story took a happy turn with the reintroduction of live oyster reefs, which were the idea of marine biologist Pat Donovan-Brandenburg, the stormwater manager for Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Courtesy of Outdoor Life

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