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19 May

Inshore Sight Fishing…..Key Steps To Success

With the signs of fall fishing season already starting to appear, that means the best and most productive part of the inshore fishing season is coming. As the weather gets cooler, so will the success of sight-fishing tactics. For many anglers, this is the next step in inshore fishing experiences. It’s far more exciting than blind fishing and a key part of the “stalking” approach that’s growing in popularity today. It takes spot-on casting and total silence to execute as well as knowing the right spots. Most of all it requires the right preparation. Here are a few things that are a must to be successful at sight fishing.

The Right Glasses Are a Must

Without polarized sunglasses, you may as well stay at home. Using polarized sunglasses will dramatically cut down the glare and allows you to see far deeper in water for the fish and their movements. These glasses come with multiple options that address the changes in cloudiness and other reasons for lower light.

Watch the Weather

Higher winds produce choppy conditions that make your visibility limited. If you see higher winds coming, you may want to change your plans and not include sight fishing. The is also true for those cloudy days, due to the lack of light needed to both locate and target the fish. On the other side, it’s important to remember that on those bright and sunny days the fish can see you quicker than you can see them. Be especially careful not to move around and stay as still as possible.

Fish Like a Ninja

Sight fishing is totally built around being stealthy. You’re in the fish’s environment. They can not only see you but also hear you quicker than you can see them. Tactics like turning off your engine and even your trolling motor and letting the breeze slowly move you toward your target is the best approach.  Also, no walking on the deck, slamming the cooler lid, talking about last night’s ballgame, or pitching the anchor over the side. Any of that will only result in you going home with an empty cooler.

Get High

It’s not what you think. It’s about positioning yourself as high as possible in order to get the best view of your potential prey. The higher you are the less glare and better view of moving fish you have. It also allows you to spot the fish at a greater distance. Using thick, rotomolded coolers like ICON works as a great platform. Seeing the fish at long distances allows you the edge.

Never Discount What You See

Over time you will adapt the skill of being able to spot your target fish. So don’t discount what appears to be just a dark place in the water or what might be a log. The fact is it could be a large Redfish. You’ll never catch a fish that you don’t cast to.

So, this fall start sight casting and sharpen your fishing skills. Hook some big fish and take home some great memories.


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