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08 Dec

State Record Size 900-Pound Bluefin Tuna Caught Off North Carolina

December 27, 2022

Captain John Cruise and his fishing crew left New River Marina Dec. 2, headed through New River Inlet, N.C. and started live bait fishing for bluefin tuna. They were about four miles offshore, in remarkably shallow 50 feet of water, when a tuna took a live 8-inch long bluefish bait about mid-day.

What began as a fun day of tuna fishing with his mates Zack Foster and Aaron Barr turned into a brutal battle against a tuna about as big as a small car.

“I knew it was a giant of a fish and we were headed for an epic battle when the tuna made a sizzling run of about 600-yards,” says Cruise, age 50, a retired Marine Corps officer who was stationed at nearby Camp Lejeune. “We slowly closed the gap to the tuna, but it was a long, tough fight.”


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