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01 Dec

How Close is Too Close?

Confrontations between shore and boat anglers can get ugly. Access to the best fishing spots is getting more and more crowded, and competition can lead to anglers losing their heads and making bad decisions. In these confrontations neither party is innocent, and both are guilty of being rude or worse.

It’s really easy for a boat angler to unintentionally (or intentionally) block or ruin a fishing spot for a shore-based angler. Shore anglers are not only far more limited on the spots they can fish, it also typically takes a lot more time to move from one spot to the next. While it’s easy to suggest that the shore angler should “just buy their own boat,” some can’t afford to do so, and many others simply prefer fishing from shore. Understanding that we’re all on the same team—and having some empathy for your fellow sportsman—makes fishing more fun for everyone.

Courtesy of Saltwater Sportsman Magazine

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