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02 Dec

The Best & Worst Wind Directions for Saltwater Fishing

Never trust a forecast with an N in it,” was one of the first lessons I learned from the old-time offshore fishermen in Northeast Florida. You see, what they understood was the Gulf Stream averages pushing north at approximately 3 knots. That means a southerly wind at 15 knots is in effect making 12 knots across the ocean’s surface. However: a northerly wind at 15 knots effectively causes the sea to react like an 18-knot wind. I can understand nor’easters. They generally come between September and March and are caused by either a cold front coming through from the north and sucking wind behind it or high-pressure north of us that has a circular motion around its perimeter. When that happens, the wind shifts from northwest to northeast to east to southeast as the high pressure settles over us, calming our seas.

Courtesy of: Florida Sportsman Magazine

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