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27 Sep

This Tuna was MASSIVE!!…..Video

In this episode of BlacktipH, Josh catches a massive Bluefin Tuna in North Carolina, the biggest tuna he has ever caught! Josh went fishing with Captain Jack and Joe from Afishionado Charters out of Oregon Inlet. Within less than five minutes of deploying our baits, both reels hooked a giant Bluefin Tuna! After a half-hour fight, the first fish pulled the hook. Josh tried fighting the second first, and about an hour into the fight, the hooked pulled! Emotions were very high! About an hour later, Josh hooked the third Bluefin of the day! After a three-hour fight, the team brought the fish boat side, and Josh jumped in the water with the giant tuna. After taking a few quick photos, Josh and Joe released the monster Bluefin Tuna. Captain Jack estimated this tuna to be between 700-800 pounds!

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