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27 Sep

Spyderco Pacific Salt 2 Knife…..Product Review

Spyderco knives first came to my attention in 1997 when I began my career with the Sea Tow operation in Wrightsville Beach, NC. I couldn’t help but notice that all of the captains had this kind of unusual, somewhat slender knife hanging from their pockets on a metal clip. When asked to take a closer look, I was warned sternly not to drop it in the water and it became clear that these captain’s considered their Spyderco knives to be a precious part of their equipment. I knew right away I had to have one, if for no other reason but to fit in. Twenty-five years and 3 Spyderco knives later I still have one. Now I have to be honest. Many days I carry an inexpensive small pocket knife to open boxes and pry open cans and such while leaving my Spyderco for the real deal. My Spyderco is extremely special to me. It was given to me by the Founder of Sea Tow Services International, Captain Joe Frohnhoffer. I had it for nearly 20 years before passing it on to my oldest friend Jimmy, that had taken up fishing last year. Jimmy had done many kind things for me over the years and I wanted to thank him by giving him something special and that was my Spyderco knife. It looked like new and was just as sharp as it was the first day I owned it. I really missed that knife and at times regretted giving it away, but my friend deserved something nice and something special to me.

A few weeks ago a small box appeared in the mail. I opened it to find a beautiful new Spyderco knife. My wife who coordinates the product reviews for Saltwater Angler had called Spyderco and suggested that we do a review on one of their products. They agreed and hence the package with the knife. I felt like I had found a long-lost friend. When it’s not in my pocket, it’s on my desk always in sight. Now, I can tell you a lot of details about these knives. I will tell you a few of them, but what I’ve already told you should be enough. Over 25 years of being a fishing guide, tow boat captain, and recreational boat owner, Spyderco was more than just a knife. It’s a key part of a fisherman’s life. By the way, the only reason I had 3 Spyderco knives was that I dropped 2 in the water and the Atlantic Ocean is kinda deep. Need I say more?


The Spyderco Pacific Salt 2 is a knife that is certainly made for marine use. At first glance, you see strong features like the 1 piece construction of the handle that removes the chance of the handle popping off in the event of significant impact. The blade is secured within the sturdy lightweight handle. The FRN material is extremely tough, a feature that often comes into play.

Probably the biggest benefit is the blade material. The blade is constructed of LC200N which offers great wear resistance and holds the edge extremely well.  While I have never had a Spyderco knife yet that’s shown any signs of corrosion, the Pacific Salt 2 hedges those bets even more with LC200N material and has the serrated blade version which works best in the marine industry when it comes to cutting boat lines and such. The serrated blade also provides a larger cutting area for the task at hand.

Now, here’s where it’s decision time. The Spyderco Pacific Salt 2 costs more than other knives in the marine industry. The cost is about $162.50 MSRP. That’s more than most knives for their type and use. So, do you want a knife that will last and perform for nearly a lifetime? Or do you want to spend less and find yourself sharpening a constantly dull knife dealing with a broken handle and having to replace it often? Spyderco is a true investment.

Technical Specifications

Overall Length           3.78″ (96mm)     

Blade Length              8.72″ (221mm)             

Steel                                H-1

Closed Length            3.39″(86mm)                          

Edge Length               4.98″ (126mm)                 

Weight                           2.9oz (82g)

Blade Thickness        0.114″ (2.9mm)               

Handle                           FRN     

Tip Carry Position     4-position

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