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06 Jun

An Angler’s Backyard Paradise

Who doesn’t love cooking outdoors, right?  It’s a southern tradition in many ways, from grilling, to smoking your food, to cooking in a stock pot or a cast iron skillet.  The possibilities are, well, limitless.

We were entertained by my good friends and neighbors this weekend. It had been a gorgeous day and just warm enough for shorts but cool enough in the evening for a sweater. Perfect timing for an outdoor fireplace, setting the stage for a relaxed time of chatter among friends, with the beverage of our choices.

Now let me go back to the start of it all. My friend wanted to show off their newly remodeled outdoor space with a kitchen by Backyard SpecialistWhen we arrived, the smell of a brisket on the smoker was mouthwatering. I got to peak into the smoker and saw a huge, rubbed brisket that had been cooked low and slow, so I knew this was going to be an unbelievable meal in itself. On the gas top grill were delicious vegetables, roasting on an open flame. An aroma coming from the grill reminded me of great family cookouts of the past in the backyard. The grill was a Wilmington Grill and it certainly had every accessory needed for food preparation and cooking.

Sitting outside and under the shelter of the pergola made me reflect on the days when I was much younger and getting together for cookouts with other families. This experience had come a long way from the Weber grill in the backyard with hotdogs and hamburgers as us kids played dodgeball or hide-and-seek while the parents exchanged stories of the day’s happenings. Although those days are wonderful memories, this outdoor kitchen set up was elegant and definitely very usable. The structure of the cabinetry and furniture spoke volumes as to how much one can enjoy such a great lifestyle of outdoor living for a very long time. It was comfortable, welcoming, and brought people together and helped them forget the troubles of the day.  As we gathered around the fireplace after stuffing ourselves on the delicious food, we just enjoyed the moment. Outdoor living is what it’s all about.

Gene and Jennifer Robbins of Backyard Specialist are there to help you choose what you want and what you feel will be best for your outdoor living space. They can design anything from small to large. Gene and Jennifer have owned and operated this company for 9 years strong and plan on many more. They are easy and helpful to work with. It is to your advantage to give them a call and set up your kitchen space and get ahead of the others who will be calling.

Life is certainly meant to be enjoyed and not the doldrum of getting by day to day. Our lifestyle reflects the attitude we have about that. Get outside, enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass and the smell of a brisket on the “barbeque”.

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