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27 Sep

The Blue Bite Is On!!

From Oregon Inlet, NC, southward through the Edisto River at Bohicket SC, the Blue Marlin season is certainly here!! The spectacular water and seasoned anglers have started up already with a huge bang. This marks the beginning of what is anticipated as an incredible season that will see many Blue Marlin and other billfish released to live another day.

Many great historic Billfish Tournaments now follow, almost continuously through mid-summer. The Governor’s Cup Tournament series in the Carolinas brings a magical sense of geography and the love we have for the Gulfstream’s blessings. Cape Hatteras, Georgetown, Charleston, Cape Fear, Oregon Inlet, and the Big Rock at Morehead City will ensure the finest and best sport fishermen in the world will bond with the stream and the family and crew that fish it. No sport on earth will rival the folks that pull baits in purple water to have a chance to tangle with the ultimate pelagic species that roam offshore.

The Blue Marlin hunts the blue water along the southeast coast in the gulf stream, and when water conditions are right, feeds along the 30-100 fathom break or on offshore seamount structure east of the break. Feeding on Mahi, Tuna, and Flying Fish, these magnificent creatures work their way up the east coast to eventually end up off canyon country in summer to the north of Hatteras, where the Gulfstream and Labrador currents mix. The situation is simply some of the best fishing in the world. Catches of Mahi, Tuna, and Wahoo make it spectacular angling for all along the southeast coast.

The images below clearly reveal the ultimate waters that are here now to proclaim this season. Eddy’s, awesome stable boundaries, and diverse waters clearly depict why the bite is hot. All pelagic bluewater fish love these situations. When the good water lines up over prime bottom habitat the game is on and where you want to be to have the experience.

Hatteras, Roffs

Georgetown Hole….Roffs








I encourage all fishermen to give the purple water a shot in a tournament. Give it a chance, even if you have never done so. Marlin fishing is not so much about winning but the opportunity to bond with a crew of family or friends. “Shoulder Tapping” with fine people brings many blessings and memories of a lifetime. The camaraderie at dockside is always spectacular. The simple sight of beautiful “war wagons” at dockside is a unique sight to witness, even as a spectator that never left the hill. The smell of diesel mixed with salt air sprinkled with a slight whiff of bourbon is quite the experience at dockside!! And the bonus is every port on the Blue Marlin tournament docket is a spectacular, historic, and fun place to visit.

Remember, a group of friends can always charter a reputable boat and enjoy the celebration. It is always a good thing to support our “for-hire” crews too. They are some of the best fishermen in the world.

Carolina blue water marlin fishing is simply a miracle and a blessing—that’s all it is!! There are only two options—do it or regret not doing it. Life is much too short not to witness the blue girl in her glory. We humans are blessed to be a witness and the occasional visitor in her blue water habitat.

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