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27 Sep

Top Three Live Shrimp Rigs to Know

In salt water, everything eats shrimp and the inshore fisheries around Florida are no exception. There are many ways to rig shrimp for bait. The best methods will depend on the kinds of water you’re fishing, the tactics you’re using and the fish you’re targeting. Here’s a look at three common options ideal for seatrout, redfish, snook, snappers and more.


This is a classic rig to use while anchored up and fishing baits down current, keeping the shrimp facing into the tide. It’s perfect when fishing back to structure like a dock or bridge piling, and it’s a common method for fishing baits under popping corks. Casting is not the greatest when rigged this way, as the shrimp tends to spin if cast any harder than an underhand lob. But, this hookup method keeps the shrimp very lively, able to react to predators.


Courtesy of: Florida Sportsman 

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