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27 Sep

Topwater and Sight Fishing For Summer Speckled Trout

Summer fishing for Speckled Trout can be easy if you know a few factors that can make a difference. First, you need to understand that Specs are somewhat finnicky about the water they swim in and where feed. They’re constantly moving around looking for the right water temp and salinity.  Also, remember that Specs are continuously following the bait fish while most other species are waiting for the attack.

Lets start with the water temp. In the summer months the range is somewhere between the mid-80’s to 70 degrees. The cooler the better and Specs are constantly searching for cooler water. They will become somewhat more lathargic the warmer the water, so your best fishing times will be just after sunrise or just before dark, as well as cloudy days that may not heat the water as much.

Since Speckled Trout favor the early morning bite, I prefer to use topwater lures. This is due to the fact that Specs are feeding on the baits that are moving on or near the surface at that time of the day. I like to stick around ambush points such as the tip of creek junctions or oyster flats with good moving water. I look for moving bait and when I find it, I start casting  toward the point, or again, what I call the ambush point. Remember that Specs follow the current and the more movement the better.

As an alternative, I like to sight cast around grass flats and always looking for good moving water. As silly as it sounds, when looking good water movement, I picture throwing a marshmellow into the water which allows me to better visualize the ambush area I looking for.

The more you fish for Speckled Trout using these stratagies, the better you become at it, and the better you become at reading the water and bait movement. Lastly, be patient. Since you’re depending on a number of moving factors to come together, the right conditions will come and go.

Enjoy the summer Speckled Trout bite!




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