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01 Dec

XTRATUF Fishing Boots….Product Review

Wet and cold feet are one of the few things that can spoil a day of fishing. It’s nearly impossible to avoid wet deck shoes even if the day is bright and sunny. I had heard great things about XTRATUF boots from many fishermen friends I talked with. I frequently see them sold in outdoor and fishing outfitters, and in a variety of colors. I was reluctant to buy a pair for a couple of reasons. First was the price. Compared to the fishing boots that I grew up with, XTRATUF boots were somewhat costly. My other concern was the fact that I saw both men and women wearing these boots on rainy days at the office, grocery stores, and other places away from boats. It made me wonder if these boots were more of a fashion statement than fishing boots. So, one day I was given a pair to try and here’s what I found.

The first thing I noticed was how easy they were to slip on before, then off at the end of the long wet day of fishing. A benefit that certainly did not come with the old-school white boots that I had always depended on. They were comfortable and gave my feet far more support than I expected from a fishing boot.


On my first fishing trip that I used them, I found these boots provided great traction which was a big plus for me since most of my fishing takes place offshore. No slipping and sliding around on the deck, where too many safety precautions can never be a problem. Another benefit was that the boots didn’t mark up my boat deck. Not having to use a scrub pad on the deck as part of my post-fishing trip clean-up made my life better. And that rainy day on the water, the best thing I learned was XTRATUF boots are leakproof. I had totally dry feet, which also meant warmer feet in winter months.

Since the day that I put on my first pair of XTRATUF boots, I found that these boots clean up well and hold their shape and durability. Now I wear them many times when I’m not on the boat. They’re not only dry, but they’re also good-looking. XTRATUF boots are perfect for running out anywhere on a rainy day, and since I’ve gotten my first pair, I’m looking at my color options for another pair. As far as the cost….you may think they cost a lot, but they’re certainly worth a lot!

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