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01 Dec

Is Sportfishing a Hobby?

A hobby is something that a person does for relaxation and enjoyment. That may be an accurate description for some, but I’m thinking for others, better terms might be a diversion or perhaps obsession.

No matter what drives a person to fish, it gives them ample time to think. How many hours have you spent staring back at the spread, scanning the horizon for activity, waiting for “that” moment? Perhaps that can be construed as relaxation? I read somewhere that fishing is a form of meditation. Meditation can help you in stressful situations, increase self-awareness, focus on the present, reduce negative emotions, increase patience and tolerance and increase imagination and creativity — HOLY SH*T. We’ve been meditating for years and didn’t even know it! We should be a highly enlightened bunch. What is it that drew you in and keeps you coming back for more? The thrill of the hunt, the companionship, knowing what is possible, the “Grander” or just the rumble of the engine and the endless blue horizon?

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