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14 Apr

The Real Bubba Fillet Knife….The Last Knife You’ll Ever Buy

If you’re a fisherman like me, we’re kind of picky when it comes to our knives, especially our fillet knife. There’s nothing worse than trying to fillet a fish only to tear it up, thanks to a dull knife. As for me, I’ve only owned one type of fillet knife in 30 years of fishing. It worked great for me, so I never considered changing it. That was until Bubba Knife sent me a fillet knife to try. Now this is not to be confused with the Bubba Blades products. Bubba Knives are made by Warren Glover, and Warren has been a knife maker for nearly 30 years. He’s unique in the fact that he has many designs he’s created as well as making knives upon his customer’s request.


When my Bubba Knife arrived, I didn’t know what to expect, but I was somewhat stunned, first by its beauty. Warren Glover’s Bubba Knife is sincerely a work of art. It came in a leather sheath which was custom-made by Mike Wilson, making it even more impressive. The beautiful wooden handle is made from Bubinga wood from the Rosewood family. The knife is made with a high 440-C grade of stainless steel that offers great corrosion and wear resistance and has a mirror polish with high shine.

I couldn’t wait to test the knife on ability to do the job. I visited a friend in the seafood business and asked him to use the knife to dress a few fish to see how the Bubba knife stood up filleting a fish. He filleted a Flounder, Mahi, and King Mackerel. I watched my friend quickly slice through the King Mackerel like it was butter and saw the Bubba Knife exceeded my expectations. I asked him to cut a small piece of Mahi’s leather like skin to see how it performed and with a single stroke of the Bubba Knife, it cut through the tough skin and into the meat itself. Coming next was the Flounder. This would be challenging with the Flounder’s thin body and having to cut down the rib bone. The look on my friend’s face was an indicator of the ability of the Bubba fillet knife. He closely examined the smoothness of the fillets, and I could see how impressed he was. His next step was to compare it to one of the knives he uses every day. After filleting the other side, he again looked up and said “No comparison”, the Bubba Knife was definitely the winner. To make it even better, he told me his blades are sharpened every day and the Bubba Knife was far sharper.

In short, here’s why the Bubba Knives get that kind of reaction from a 30-year veteran of filleting fish 8 hours a day. First and foremost, Bubba Knives are not mass-produced. Instead, they’re made by Warren Glover in Cleveland, GA, who has been making knives for nearly 30 years. His signature is on every knife sheath. The 440-C grade stainless steel metal holds its sharpness as well as its looks. It’s built with great pride and commitment to an excellent product. Please understand, this is a knife that will never be found at the bottom of my tackle box, despite its durability. It will be kept in a place where it will be well used and well cared for. The plan is to use it a lot and then pass it down to my son and from him to his son. I’m pretty sure my Bubba Fillet Knife will outlive me. Until then, I’ll be catching a lot of fish just so I can use the LAST knife I’ll ever own.

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