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19 May

PENN Spinfisher VII…..Product Review

PENN has been making fishing tackle a long time, since 1932 to be exact.  In 1963 PENN came out with its first generation of spinning reels the Greenie series, then PENN added the 2nd generation the Z series of reels.  A little later, the 3rd generation, SS series, came along and it was not too long after that PENN introduced the 4th generation:  SSm & SSg series, then the 5th generation (V).  After that came the 6th generation (VI), I helped with that series myself and very much enjoy using my Spinfisher VI today.

So, after sixty years of great spinning reels PENN is stepping it up again! Yes, you guessed it, the Spinfisher VII (7th) series of spinning reels!  I know; why fix something that is not broken, it is more like taking what is good and making it better!  PENN has really put together a versatile line of spinning reels.  From the Speckled Trout and Redfish catching with the SSVII 2500 size to the SSVII 5500 Cobia catching size, to the 7500 Long cast Big Drum surf fishing, to the White Marlin kicking SSVII 10500, yes that is right a 10500-size reel with a max drag of fifty (50) pounds!

I know what you are thinking, but this series does not seem much different than the VI’s??  And you are correct, well kinda; but a few upgrades have been done.  The first upgrade is now the 2500 to 5500 sizes also have CNC Brass main gears, before it was only in the 6500’s or larger sizes.  I am a big fan of the 5500 size and use this size a lot for big Red drum, Tarpon and Cobia fishing.  This is good news to hear from a fishing guides prospective.  Why go to brass gears in the smaller series, stronger and they will stay smoother longer.  Another upgrade is the Line clip design on the spool.  The new design allows for nearly any size line to hold in it.  From super thin braid to larger Fluorocarbon leaders, this design will hold them.  Good news here is you will not have to lose those expensive Fluorocarbon leaders now.  No more making a loop or cutting the leader off, it will now hold just fine in this new line clip design.

Here are some of the other great key features of the new Spinfisher VI series:

  • Full metal body
  • Sealed HT-100 Carbon fiber drag washers
  • Superline Spool-No backing needed because of the rubber gasket keeps superline (braid) from slipping
  • IPX5 Sealed body and Spool
  • Six (5+1) Shielded stainless steel bearing system
  • Line Capacity Rings
  • Bail-Less in sizes 4500 and 6500
  • Long Cast in sizes 5500, 6500 and 7500.
  • Live Liner Feature available on sizes 2500, 4500, 6500 and 8500.

Reel capacities etc:

Model            Mono Cap.          Braid Cap.       Ber   Drg      ratio   weight(oz)

SSVI 2500      255/6  175/8     240/10  220/15     6    15lbs    6.2:1      10.7                                                               140/10               160/20

SSVI 3500      360/6  285/8     310/10  270/15     6    15lbs    6.2:1      12.1                                                             220/10                220/20

SSVI 4500     425/8  320/10    390/15  320/20     6    20lbs    6.2:1      12.5                                                           235/15                 250/30

SSVI 5500     430/10  330/12  500/20  380/30     6    25lbs    5.6:1      18.5                                                           230/15                 335/40

SSVI 6500     390/12  345/15  485/30  410/40     6    30lbs    5.6:1      22.3                                                          205/20                 335/50

SSVI 7500     490/15  330/20   530/40  440/50    6    35lbs    4.7:1      26.5                                                         220/30                 400/65

SSVI 8500    455/20  310/30   730/40  600/50     6    40lbs    4.7:1      28.3                                                        260/40                 555/65

SSVI 9500    350/30  300/40   730/50  670/65     6    45lbs    4.2:1      37.1                                                       240/50                   435/80

SSVI 10500  435/30  360/40   845/50  780/65     6    50lbs    4.2:1      38.6                                                        255/50                   540/80


SSVI 4500BLS  425/8  320/10   390/15  320/20   6    20lbs    6.2:1      12.3                                                             235/15                 250/30

SSVI 6500BLS  390/12  345/15  485/30  410/40  6    30lbs    5.6:1      21.8                                                             205/20                 335/50

Long Cast:

SSVI 5500LC   355/8  310/10    450/15  380/20   6   20lbs    4.8:1      20.7                                                             215/12                  265/30

SSVI 6500LC   495/10  365/12  620/20  430/30   6   20lbs    4.8:1      24.4                                                            330/15               355/40

SSVI 7500LC  650/10  480/12   850/20  590/30   6   25lbs    4.3:1      27.9                                                          430/15                   490/40

Live Liner:

SSVI 4500LL  425/8  320/10   390/15  320/20     6   20lbs    6.2:1     15.6                                                            235/15                 250/30

SSVI 6500LL  390/12  345/15  485/30  410/40    6   30lbs    5.6:1      26.8                                                            205/20                 335/50

SSVI 8500LL  455/20  310/30   730/40  600/50   6   40lbs    4.7:1      32.3                                                           260/40                 555/65

The PENN Spinfisher VII features IPX5 sealing so whether it gets hit with a wave, or you let it ride in the spray all the way home, you do not have to worry about saltwater getting in to the gearbox or drag system.  The HT-100 drag washers are housed in a fully sealed spool to give the stopping power needed for big saltwater fish.  A Full Metal Body and side plate keep the CNC gear system in precise alignment under heavy loads.

I was honored to be on the test team for these new Spinfisher VII reels and I can truthfully tell you I was impressed with these reels right out of the box.  They have a very clean, powerful, and traditional, yet a newer PENN look/design to them.  The reels are smooth while turning the handle, but still have the power to crank in big fish!  I caught loads of keeper size Speckled trout on the SSVII 2500, large Flounder, Redfish, and Striped Bass on the SSVII 3500 size.  The drag system is super smooth even on the highest drag settings.  I put some very high drag pressure on the larger Redfish (Bulls) I caught with the SSVII 4500, Cobia, sharks, and Tarpon on the SSVII 5500; with that said the drag kept its setting through the length of the fight and stayed smooth.

If you have enjoyed the Spinfisher series of the past or are ready to purchase a reel that will last a long time; take a good look at the new Spinfisher VII series.  I believe that this reel is going to turn quite a few heads in the fishing world and you will be happy you have them in your arsenal of fishing tackle. I am especially happy about the CNC brass main gears in the smaller sizes going forward!

The new Spinfisher VII series will be hitting your favorite tackle shops this fall.

Check out PENN’s full line of great Rods, Reels and Accessories at www.PENNreels.com

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions about any PENN products just let me know.




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