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19 May

Rod Versatility… A Light Tackle Game Changer

September 21, 2023

Light tackle anglers get more sophisticated every day when it comes to tactics and fishing techniques. One of those ways is being more selective in choosing which rod to use. In past years, anglers would use multiple rods of the same or similar length and flex rigged with various lures and tackle choices. Today’s angler has taken that technique to the next level. More and more fishermen are bringing additional versatility to the boat by hitting the water with an array of rod sizes. These choices are determined by the various flex options that can impact sensitivity and casting distance, as well as being better suited for the type  of lure used. The varied lengths can also dictate casting distance and the species you’re targeting.

This is a significant change from the days of fishing for most species of saltwater fish with the old PENN Senators and rods that we now consider “Broom Sticks”. Simply using a 7′ medium flex rod is not always the best choice. The growing number of bait, lure, and hook options dictate that your rod needs to be a good match for all of those. When it comes to rod choices, “one size fits all” is not necessarily the best strategy. Also, you have to be prepared for multiple fishing scenarios, such as changes in species, or changes in fishing conditions. Throwing a lure with a popping cork may not be productive in increased winds, thus a change of rigs and rods may be necessary. Most of all, the changes in the fish bite will nearly always require changes in lures, tackle, and a shift in the flex and length of rods.

A varied rod selection allows you to prepare for greater success. It’s based on facing multiple fishing scenarios with the ability to respond with multiple alternatives. However, make sure that your variation of rods are rigged and ready with the rigs and lures that best match the rod. Waiting to rig your rod when you’re on the water and ready to use it will only result in wasting valuable fishing time. Also, using multiple rod types takes experimentation and practice for the greatest level of success. Make sure you invest the time needed to learn which rod provides peak performance in the many fishing situations that you’ll encounter.



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