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25 May

Inshore Fall Fishing…..Follow The Bait

The cooler temps of fall have lots of changes. The kids have gone back to school, and the days by the pool are gone until next year. Most of all, it means that it’s just now becoming the best time of year for inshore fishing. Especially if you’re fishing for Redfish or Speckled Trout. Just like our lives aside from fishing, so does the way we fish when the weather and the water becomes cooler.

You need to understand that fish like Redfish and Specs have 2 types of migratory patterns that play an important part in our fall fishing. First, we have the fish that stay here year-round. These are the fish we catch no matter if it’s in the heat of summer or the cold of winter and everything in between. The other segment is the migrating Reds and Specs that come and go as the water conditions and bait availability change. In the cooler fall months, both groups are coming inshore and ready to prepare for the colder months by feeding. This combined with the cooler water makes these fish far more active in both their movement and eating habits. More fish, more active fish, and hungry fish can only mean that it’s a great time to be fishing.

To better locate the fish, I look for entry points that may be coming in from the ocean, like smaller cuts or rivers. This is where the migratory fish will come in and remember, they’re coming in looking for a food source. An example is….if the fish commonly make their home in the river, look for an entry to the river. They will also be looking for access to bait. Once they locate the important locations, this is where they will reside for the winter months and this is where you will want to fish during those colder months. It’s important to know that the Specs and Reds will gorge prior to the colder months and that’s when your fishing will be at its best. Right now, all this is taking place and the fishing is improving everyday as the conditions become more suited, so don’t miss out.

Contributing Angler
Captain Ozzy Osbourne

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