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24 Jun

The Political Impact On North Carolina’s Coastal Fishing Decline……Part 2

For a number of years, North Carolina fishermen, both recreational and commercial have had to face a significant decline in the state’s saltwater fishing stocks. While fishing regulations have tightened, especially for recreational anglers, the fishing stock continues to decline. 

Below is Part 2 of  a 3 Part video series produced by Steven Brewster, a North Carolina resident and fisherman. What you will see in this video is based on months of detailed investigation by Steven. It shows actual documents that support his findings. You will learn the severity of North Carolina’s coastal fishery problem and the motives behind its management. This video will reflect that the continued decline was caused by many of the people who held the responsibility for its management. It’s our hope that you will share this video with your fellow anglers, both recreational and commercial.

Captain Tim Wilson,  Editor & Chief…..Saltwater Angler Magazine 

Part 2 

 For any recreational or commercial fisherman who has more truth to share about the state of our fisheries and fisheries management, I welcome your input on any of these subjects. I actually prioritized info from commercial fishermen because I feel strongly that the truth lies somewhere between what you hear people say. That said, I did request evidence to back up any claims. I truly did not go seeking conspiracy here but conspiracy is surely what I found. I would absolutely love to be wrong about all this but an entire mountain of evidence suggests otherwise. Links to SOME of my sources are listed below.

Part 1


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