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01 Dec

The Social Media Comments Section……Information Not Always What It Appears

There is almost no getting around social media these days. Even if you’re one of the few ­holdouts who have managed to refrain from creating a profile, you can’t hide from the effects. From instant catch reports, epic billfish footage, and updates on the newest boats and gear to keyboard ­warriors shaming our industry, the internet is a melting pot of everyone’s opinions—for better or worse.

In many fisheries, being offshore used to be the ultimate cord-cutter, the cell signal being left behind with the sight of land. With new satellite technology and more boats taking on never-off-the-grid services such as Starlink, we’re now connected in some of the most remote places on earth. It’s a big upgrade for safety but not so great for those looking to avoid distractions while on the troll.

Courtesy of: Marlin Magazine 

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