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Tips for Using Chum to Catch More Fish

November 18, 2023

Too many people think chumming is elementary. It might look like you’re pushing the easy button, but in reality, it’s a skill that takes time to perfect. These tricks will help you up your chumming game whenever your ­water needs sweetening.

Raise Your Profile

A prime example of proper chumming lies with yellowtail snapper. I seek high-profile reefs along tight depth contours. Whether you thaw a frozen concoction of ground fish off the transom or broadcast live pilchards, success hinges on this chum reaching this target. Do it right and fish will rise to the surface in droves. Miss the mark and failure will be apparent.

With the right breeze or current, our chum permeates through not only our target structure but also the drop-offs beyond. This draws in other snapper, grouper, amberjack and pelagics, such as trophy king mackerel, rainbow runners, and the ­occasional mahi or sailfish.

It’s not too unlike sharking off the Northeast, where you have to fine-tune your drifts to remain over similar contour lines longer. The more thorough and unbroken the chum trail, the better the odds of a mako picking up the scent and a bait. Minimal resets are key.


Courtesy of: Saltwater Sportsman Magazine


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