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24 Jun

Winter Fishing in the Lowcountry: Must-Know Tips

November 18, 2023

Captain Fuzzy Davis, owner and operator of Silva Dolla Fishing Charters, is a local Lowcountry legend as well as a nationally-acclaimed fishing guide. With 40+ years of experience, he’s the guy you want to know when it comes to getting the inside line—fishing line, that is—on late fall and winter fishing in our area. Interestingly enough, up until 25 years ago, Fuzzy shared that most folks in the Lowcountry put their boats up in the winter as local guides weren’t aware that there were any viable fisheries in the cooler months. That all changed on a cold January day when a friend of Fuzzy’s discovered a large school of redfish in two feet of water. Prior to that time, local guides believed that redfish moved to deeper waters during the winter months. In fact, just the opposite occurs. When temperatures drop, redfish slow down, which is why they head to shallower waters…to avoid becoming a snack for dolphins!

Lucky for the fishermen among us, clearer wintertime waters make it easy to spot (and catch) redfish. Whether you’re a Lowcountry local or a visitor, a fishing expedition is the perfect family-friendly activity to enjoy on Hilton Head Island during the off-season. Read on to discover Fuzzy’s top tips for hauling in a catch this winter!

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