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24 Jun

Winter Grilling Tips

Just because cold weather is here does not mean the grilling has to stop. Take a rest from soups and other inside foods with a trip out to your faithful grill. There are few things you need to know to make the event both successful and fun. Below are things you can do to maximize your winter grilling experience.


A little planning goes a long way if you’re thinking about firing up the grill in the middle of winter. From brushes to tongs and everything in between, lay out all of the tools you need so you don’t waste time (and heat) searching for things you need.


There’s nothing worse than keeping your guests – and yourself – waiting for delicious BBQ food. Remember, a gas grill can take twice as long to heat up during the winter than the summer, so plan for the extra time you’ll need to combat low temperatures. Using charcoal? Have an additional supply of lit and ready to use coals – you’ll use more while keeping your grill at ideal temperatures, and you don’t want to waste time re-heating.


Save your most complex dishes for warmer weather. You lose heat every time you open your grill lid and recovery time can be doubled in the cold temperatures. Stick with single-flip items and save yourself time without sacrificing flavor.


Just because you should cook with simple cuts of meats doesn’t mean you should skimp on flavor. Combat the winter blahs by generously seasoning your steaks, chicken and chops with big, bold flavors. We’ll be using a classic


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