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14 Jun

Speckled Trout Fishing Made Easy

December 22, 2023

The Speckled Trout fishing is great in the winter months in the Low Country of South Carolina. As always, Captain Kevin Blair of Charleston shares a simple, but highly effective way to fish for Specs. According to him it’s more about the bait and less about the tactic.

First thing is the bait. Kevin uses a 3 ½ Z Man Streak Z on a 1/8 ounce jig head. The color depends on the condition of the water. He strongly recommends Pro-Cure and he always fishes with 20# braid with a 15# fluorocarbon leader. You’ll notice that the lure and the weight as well as the leader are light in order to better feel the fish when it strikes. The action is simple, just pick it up and let it fall, then repeat. The Specs seem to react best when the lure is falling due to the vibration.

This deadly combo out fishes live bait. Dead baits and most every other lures are best hands down and can generate huge Trout catch results. When you get tired of fishing for Trout, the same rig and set-up is effective with both Black and Red Drum, as well as Flounder, especially around the jetties and other structure. It’s also a great “go-to” bait when the fishing is slow and it’s a good option for beginning anglers as well because it’s so easy. According to Kevin….”the less you do, the more you catch.”

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