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24 Jun

Berkley KREJ Lure…..Combines Technology And Innovation

The latest from Berkley is bound to change the fishing world as we know it. Currently, it’s hitting the freshwater fishing market by storm, and I look for it to hit the saltwater market before long. As early as late spring would be my guess. While Berkley has produced a lot of great products in recent years with the scented and translucent baits, the bait we’re here to talk about is not only one that changes the way we bait our rig, but also the way we fish. I see a “Lure of the Year” winner on the horizon.

This new style of fishing, or “Krejing”, allows the angler to take advantage of being able to see how a fish is reacting on FFS and make a presentation in ways they’ve not been able to before, thanks to the upturned bill that delivers a unique ascending and darting action when worked. The angler can then respond to the target’s reactions by working the bait up and away from the fish to better imitate a natural fleeing motion, or through pausing the retrieve to backslide the bait towards the fish to trigger reaction strikes. The Krej can be worked throughout the entire water column, including as a topwater once it has risen to the surface.

Berkley Krej Features:

  • Length: 3.9″
  • Weight: 1/2 oz
  • Sinks 1 Foot Per Second
  • Unique ascending & darting action when worked
  • Backwards fall on pause
  • The combination of ascending action and back slide on the fall maximizes angler control & time in the strike zone
  • Can be fished sub-surface or topwater
  • Optimized for forward-facing sonar
  • #6 Berkley Fusion19 Trebles




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