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23 Apr

Three Mistakes Many Fishermen Make….How To Avoid Them

February 13, 2024

We always hear about mistakes we as anglers frequently make. Things like noise when trying to move in on a school of fish or coming up on a fishing hotspot. Other mistakes we seem to always make are the type of lure we’re using or the kind of leader we’re using. The list goes on and on. However, there are many mistakes that are often overlooked. Saltwater Angler & Sportsman’s contributing writer, Captain Ozzy, gives us his ideas of the “biggest mistakes that fishermen make”. You’ll wish you had read this earlier!!!

Captain Tim Wilson, Editor

  •  Choosing tackle based on the recommendation of someone that has a personal stake in a specific product. Such as a sponsored angler that uses the product or a person that may be selling the product. Best Solution…. Get a fishing guide or seasoned angler to provide some insight into their thoughts on the lure or tackle. Many guides and experienced fishermen do an excellent job following the latest products and how they perform. While they may not have used the product, they will know a lot about the workings and capabilities of it.
  •  Believing that the water is the same in all areas. Often, anglers fail to understand or learn that many factors can change the water’s impact, such as visibility, quality, salinity, traffic and more. This has a direct impact on the quality of the fishing spot and your success fishing there. Best solution…. Before going to an area that’s new to you, find a source that can help you get information on the area you’re wanting to fish. This can again be a guide or a knowledgeable local angler that can fill in those blanks for you. Remember, make a note of what you find out and the results of your trip, so you don’t start gathering the same information repeatedly.
  • Not learning the true art of saltwater fishing from an expert. Many times, anglers use the trial-and-error method to learn how to fish. Error is the key word here. This wastes time, fuel, and patience. It gets even worse when the fishing buddy(s) with you are using the same trial-and-error method. Best Solution…. Get an experienced angler to show you the basics and beyond. This can be a qualified fishing guide that has spent countless hours on the water perfecting his or her trade. You can ask around and locate a well-respected fisherman that fishes for fun but has a great amount of knowledge. With both options, make sure to get suggestions from multiple people as to the level of knowledge each has.

Caution…. Steer clear of things like YouTube videos and other similar resources. While there may be some useful information there, there can also be a lot of information unrelated to the area and type of fishing you do. Stick to the face-to-face approach. There may be a cost, but the right information is well worth the investment.

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