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23 Apr

Berkley Does It Again With the Nessie Soft Glide Bait

Introducing a soft glide bait, the Berkley Nessie will take an advanced tool / technique and open the door for entry level anglers while simultaneously unlocking new uses for anglers experienced with glide bait style fishing. Skip it, slide it, and cast it without fear where traditional glide baits previously have not been able to reach.

This creation from the King of Fishing Lures (Berkley) managed to do it again with the lure that’s not only ahead of the curve, it brings a whole new approach to the way we fish. Unlike most lures, Nessie started on the fresh water side of the pond and is now jumping over to the saltwater angler’s tackle box. The saltwater side of the fence is going wild over this new lure design and fishing capability. Today saltwater anglers are lining up in their local tackle shops to get on the Nessie train as soon as they can.

The features tell it all with the usual Berkley unique design that brings great fishing results to the table. Below is part of Nessie’s  make up that makes it so effective.

  • Soft bodied glide bait design featuring PowerBait® flavor
  • Mesh reinforced joint provides durability while allowing for free range of motion
  • Stabilizing fins for consistent action
  • Patent pending hook retention clip keeps treble hook secured to body
  • Premium features and components
  • Sticky sharp Fusion19™ treble hook
  • Custom painted forage matching finishes
  • Slow Sinking
  • Pro Design Mike Iaconelli

Now that you read our little description, take a look at the video below to see it at work. It’ll amaze you!!! If you hear something explode, don’t worry it’s likely your mind. What will Berkley do next????




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