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18 Apr

Get To Know The Most Popular Lures, How To Use Them

If you do research on plug fishing, you’ll find all about old lures like the Heddon Lucky 13, Creek Chub Pikie Minnow and other classics of the genre.

Which came first is a matter of debate that goes on still. Basically, they started out as carved-wood replicas of baitfish and were created primarily for freshwater bass fishing.

There’s a famous story of James Heddon whittling on a piece of wood, tossing it in the water when he was done, and watching as a bass came up and swallowed it. This may or may not be actual fact, but the point remains that carved-wood fishing lures have caught a lot of fish over the years.

Today your plugs are more than likely made of molded plastic, tested in a tank at a research lab, and can do everything from dance on the surface to dive down more than 30 feet deep. Let’s take a look at popular plugs used for inshore fishing on our coast and how we fish them.


Courtesy of: Coastal Review

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