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23 Jul

Top 5 Fishing Apps……Our Staff’s Choices

In the world of growing technology, in recent years we have seen the development of fishing apps increasing and becoming more helpful when it comes to your fishing trip planning and strategy.  Below, you’ll find 5 of the industry’s leaders in the field of fishing apps. Click onto their respective logos for more info.

This is the very successful offshoot of the Maps Unique hard copy charts that has served the offshore angler for many years. It provides great details for offshore fishing locations and structures for Carolina and Georgia fishermen.

This app offers lots of  features that include fishing maps, weather data, tide charts, species profiles, as well as a community forum.


This is a well known app with over 5 million users at last count. It  includes a GPS tracking feature that allows you to track your fishing spots, routes, and has many other features.


This is a more advanced  app that has been designed for the more skilled fisherman.  It brings a multitude of usable options than many other apps, such as loke charts, bathymetry data, and a fish-finder does not have.

A great app for the fishermen that may be looking for a free app.  It has a limited number of features, but it includes fishing maps, weather data, and tide charts.

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