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18 Jun

A Look At North Carolina’s Inshore Fishery Status….FINDEX Power Ratings

FINDEX Power Ratings 

How do North Carolina’s fisheries stack up? That’s the question we aim to answer when measuring stock status and prioritizing restoration efforts. And for that reason, we created FINDEX.

FINDEX is our proprietary index that utilizes the best available scientific data to gauge whether a species’ status is trending up or down. The calculations compare the desired management condition of a fish stock with its existing condition.

The graphic below lists 10 fisheries in order of their FINDEX value. A value that reaches 100% would indicate a “Stable” fishery, while a value greater than 200% suggests a fishery has reached “World-Class” status. Each week, we will highlight a different FINDEX species profile on our social media platforms. But for the time being, click below to see all 10 profiles today!

NC Marine & Estuary Foundation

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