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18 Jun

Battle of the Coolers……Coldest, Lightest, Best Investment

Over the years coolers have seen a significant change in looks, efficiency and cost. This is especially true in more recent times with the tough roto-molded coolers that have significantly extended the time that the contents stay cold. Over those years we have seen new players in the cooler industry with names like Yeti and Icon as well as significant changes by veteran cooler makers such as Igloo and Coleman. With that said we wanted to take a look at what we felt were the top coolers on the market today and compare them. You may be surprised at what we found.

Coleman 316 Marine

We found that the Coleman 316 was a “good” cooler. It was pretty basic starting with its basic white cooler and simple build out. This cooler brought a lightweight design that came in at a low price point. It advertises a 6 day ice retention…..maybe in Northern Alaska!

This cooler has it’s place, but not on the boat of the serious angler unless it’s used as a bait cooler. Most fishermen we spoke to liked it as a “stand by” cooler for short trips and uses. The cooler’s light weight was the Coleman 316’s biggest benefit.

Yeti Tundra 45

Now, I have to say first that I’ve never owned a Yeti cooler and that’s largely due to the cost. However, I have a number of friends that have Yeti coolers and they all like them. This “like” word is what concerns me when it comes to the cost of a Yeti. I do know that it’s a great cooler that opened the world of roto-molded coolers to sportsmen. They come to the game with a cooler that is tough and holds ice for a greatly extended period of time. However, a number of products have hit the cooler market in recent years and proven to be strong competitors especially when it comes to cost versus value.

Icey-Tech 200 Quart

If you are looking for a glitzy, sexy cooler,  the Icey-Teck 200 Quart is probably not your best choice, especially if you’re looking to keep the cost low.  However, it’s solid and strong performing. It’s dry ice compatible and comes with sturdy heavy-duty hinges that prolong its lifetime, and is light for its size. The biggest barrier is the cooler’s cost. It comes in at one of the highest priced coolers on the fishing cooler market today.

 The Icon50

This is my favorite when it comes to a  great deal for an exceptional cooler. They seem to have combined high quality with a reasonable price when comes to the roto-mold coolers. The design is great with features like recessed lock downs, removing the danger of snagged fishing lines. I also love the removable gasket mounted in the lid that makes it easy to simply pull out and clean. The Icon50 also offers a Diby option which is an internal container that is designed to store dry ice , allowing the users to lighten the ice load, and is capable of storing more fish.

The Icon is a top notch line and the company has a stellar reputation for both quality and service. Icon coolers can also be found in numerous brands of new boats due to their being a part of new boat manufacturer’s accessory line.

The Icon is my choice for the best cooler for the investment. They seem to have all the bases covered for the angler as well as other sports enthusiast.

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