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18 Jun

It’s Time To Prep For Offshore Fishing

With my dog Brody still in a head cone and not allowed on the boat, I cannot bring myself to go fishing without him. Brody knows my routine. When I put on sunscreen, sunglasses, buff, and a hat, he knows I am going fishing. So, Brody runs to the backdoor and blocks me from leaving without him. Thus, I am not fishing until Brody is cleared by the veterinarian. Hopefully, later this week.

Until then, Brody and I are keeping ourselves occupied by getting ready to go fishing.

In May, our focus will be offshore with mahi and marlin as our target species. This requires us to prepare two sets of trolling tackle: a 30-pound class tackle for mahi and a 50-pound class tackle for marlin. We also have to rig a plethora of trolling lures. When fishing offshore, preparation is critical to success.


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