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15 Jul

The SHAC Safe Anchor…. Product Review

Most of the product reviews we perform are about lures and other fishing gear. Recently, we encountered a product that was extremely interesting. It was developed for only one purpose which was to make for a safer environment for boats, fishermen, and beachgoers. The product addresses the ongoing and dangerous situation of coastal boaters falling on anchors nearshore, or on their own boats. Along the southeast coast, many boaters have either been injured on a land-type anchor or know someone who has.

The product is called the SHAC and was developed by a family in Durham, NC. Several months ago, we saw the product for the first time and found it not only to be interesting but also a “game changer” when it comes to boating and recreational safety. I shared it with the members of our contributing writers, and they too found it to be a great answer to what was once a previously dangerous recreational boating problem.



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