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23 Jul

Nav-Unique… Waypoints Formatted For Your GPS/Plotter……..Product Review

The ever-changing world of offshore navigation continues to grow and with that growth is greater use of technology when it comes to our fishing. Never better found is the Nav-Unique software by Maps Unique. It was no surprise to me that Maps Unique is facing the technology revolution with a new product that improves fishing for their customers.

The first thing I noticed was the basic purpose of the product and how it can easily be put to use without a lot of time or you having to be a techno-nerd. It is basically a “plug and play” software that would fit most of today’s fishing GPS units.  It only took a few minutes to load and then I was ready to go fishing. The downloaded information has multiple types of waypoints that include underwater wrecks, artificial reef structures as well as natural bottom sites. It also includes the site’s name, detailed description of the type of structure, and even water depth. Nav-Unique also identifies Marine Protected Areas or (MPA). Depending on where you are or what you’re fishing for, this identification can be important.

I like the fact that the product not only gave me more detailed information about the many structures that I had in my GPS, it also gave many more locations that I had not had before. This made the product well worth the money in addition to how well it syncs with my GPS. Another thing I like about Nav-Unique is the fact that the information is updated. Having used the Maps Unique maps for a number of years, I can trust that the information is new and relevant and that’s not what I’ve always gotten from other navigational software. I am confident that the information I download is the latest.

The product comes to you in a small SD card that you just have to insert into your GPS and download. It’s built to accommodate most GPS make and models. You just pick one of the 4 regions that you fish, download, and you’re ready. Customer service is great, so if you run into a problem, the answer is just a phone call away and it’s actually a live human, no online “chat” here.

The bottom line is this a simple, yet effective, option to the many navigation products on the market today that is just overkill. Nav-Unique allows me to manage the countless waypoints on the Maps Unique in my GPS. It’s practicality in its best form. This simplicity of use combined with the 30 experience of the Maps Unique that developed the product this is a must for every offshore angler.

For More Information Contact Map’s Unique: 910.458.9923


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