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14 Jun

Summer Redfishing….How To Pick the Hot Spots

 What makes this spot better than others determines when I fish and most of all where I fish. There are multiple factors that come into play when finding a spot for Redfish.  Structure has to be the biggest factor when finding a great Redfish spot Rocks, oysters, and docks tend to hold bait which also holds Redfish.  The  next factor that comes into play when finding a great Redfish location is depth. Depth near structure is a big factor. Fish tend to hang out more around structure when there is a drop off close by. Usually when a fish can drop off into deeper water quickly, you find more fish in those areas. Docks and oyster beds with deeper water around them will be the kind of locations to look for. The  final factor that goes into finding a good Redfish spot is what makes up the bottom. We often find ourselves focused on what is above the water and don’t place enough importance of what the Redfish’s environment below the water is like. Finding places with a good amount of  structure on the bottom is a must to a good Redfish spot.  spending time time scouting areas that have some level of structure on the bottom is time well invested. It’s important that what’s on top of the water and beneath combine that will make a great Redfish spot.

Finding a productive Redfish spot can be difficult sometimes, but if your patient and invest some time around areas looking for depth and structure you can develop a number of productive go to sports for fishing for Redfish.

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