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23 Apr

St. Croix Mojo Inshore Rod….Technology Driven

Fishing the Charleston, South Carolina Low County has many benefits, but it also has its challenges. It has ripping currents driven by the big tide changes, with massive oyster banks that are home to popular species like Redfish and Flounder. That makes having a great rod a must.  It means using a rod that has great casting capability, feel, and durability. Recently I added a St. Croix Mojo Inshore rod to my growing fishing rod arsenal.

It was impressive from the start. The incredibly stronger blank was not only lightweight but also free of dead spots which are key when fishing for species like Speckled Trout. The high level of sensitivity allows me to have a better feel when it comes to distinguishing between a snag on an oyster shell or a bump from a Trout. With fishing trends moving more and more toward artificial baits, this level of sensitivity is quickly becoming more important.

The rod is also made with the SCIII carbon combined with Integrated Polycure build that makes the rod stronger and reduces breaks on those hard pulls created by large fish like the Low Country Bull Reds that I commonly pursue or getting hung on structure like a dock or bulkhead.  The best part is even with the added strength, the rod is light. This is certainly an important factor when it comes to the long days of casting, again due to the heavier dependency on artificial baits.

The rod that I have comes with an affordable price point of about $170. A price that most anglers can afford, especially when you consider the level of technical design and quality. It’s a go-to rod on my fishing days largely due to the comfort and strength. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of this type of technology in rod designs and composites in the coming years.

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