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19 May

Taste of the Coast……..Oldtown Dispensary Restaurant, Bluffton, SC

September 5, 2022

My husband and I took for ourselves a little getaway to escape the pressures of work, home, and the “have tos” that can weigh you down.  Bluffton, SC sounded good so we took off. The weather was definitely cooperative, and the traffic was light. This getaway was already starting out well.

Of course, one of the topics at hand as we made our way down the highway, was good places to eat. Isn’t that one of the highlights of traveling? If you have ever been to Bluffton, you find it has many great restaurants. I can speak from experience because we hit almost all of them. But one, in particular, stands out in my mind. Oldtown Dispensary Restaurant. It’s somewhat tucked away but has plenty of outdoor space.  Some folks came up in their golf carts. As we walked up, we noticed families sitting around tables, laughing and the children were playing. The outdoor eating space is a large, graveled area with plenty of room for couples that brought their dogs as well. As we were deciding to eat inside or out, our eyes kept falling on the food being brought out. Oh my goodness, everything looked so scrumptious and if we could have held it, we would have gotten one of everything. Narrowing our choice down was going to be difficult.

There is also a covered stage for live music. The band playing that evening was great music. They boosted the moods of those sitting outside and there was some dancing going on, adults and children.  Wow, what a fun place to be I thought to myself.

The indoors was what we had expected it to be, judging from what we’d seen already. All the wait staff had their game on. This place was jiving. Lots of people sitting at the bar enjoying seafood and burgers with their beer. Some guys that had been fishing earlier were comparing notes on lures, rods, and who caught what. All the while, the laughter and conversation were nonstop. I noticed a young girl and her grandmother sitting at a corner table taking selfies, and two ladies that were enjoying shrimp tacos at another table, one had wine and the other had the house cocktail.  I knew the shrimp tacos were going to be my choice too.  My husband picked one of the many hamburger creations. We placed our order and decided the outdoor space was where we wanted to be.  Needless to say, the menu selections we chose were beyond good.

I would highly recommend on your trip to Bluffton that you stop by the Oldtown Dispensary.  The friendly atmosphere and good food are just too hard to pass up.







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