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18 Jun

Why Clouds and Overcast Conditions Make For Better Fishing

September 7, 2022

Most of us look forward to that sunny day of fishing and there’s something about the warmth of the sun that makes us just know that it’s a perfect day for catching those inshore species like Speckled Trout, Redfish, and Flounder. So, before we know it, we’re heading home with a blistering sunburn, dehydrated, and caught nothing more than an undersized Redfish and a Pufferfish that bit you. Sound familiar? The fact is that cloudy days are many times more productive than sunny days when it comes to offshore fishing.

  1. Catch More Fish Species. When it’s sunny, most fish stay closer to cover under the water because it makes them feel secure from predators. The bright sunlight can make their predators see them even from long distances.
  2. Cast In Multiple Directions. The fish seem to swim more to look for their food, therefore you can cast in multiple directions.
  3. You’re Less Likely to Lose You Lure. Since most fish species come out from under cover during a cloudy day, you won’t have to worry about getting snagged and losing your lure.
  4. It‘s Harder For Fish To See You. Less natural light in your surroundings makes it harder for the fish to see you even if you are trolling or moving around. You always want to be as little visible as possible.
  5. Fishing On A Cloudy Day Can Be More Enjoyable.We all know how it feels to do other activities under the heat of the sun. Therefore, a cloudy, slightly windy day can make for a more enjoyable day of fishing. Less sweating without the hot sun beating down on you. As a result, it will make you stay longer and catch more fish.

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