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24 Jun

Alert…..Popular NC Inlet Fights Increased Danger Due To Shifting Sholes

September 8, 2023

North Carolina’s Carolina Beach inlet has experienced significant shoaling in recent weeks. It was recently reported that there was an absence of buoys marking the channel. Recent storms have contributed to as well as increasing the problem. It is highly recommended to contact the United States Coast Guard prior to transiting the inlet for the latest information.

Carolina Beach Inlet is one the most high-traffic inlets in North Carolina for both commercial and recreational fishermen. Located on the ICW, only a few miles from nearby Cape Fear River the inlet handles significant boating traffic during the summer months. This level of boat transiting Carolina Beach Inlet under the current conditions causes a significant concern according to multiple sources such as professional anglers and boat captains.

Transit Carolina Beach Inlet with caution or consider an alternative such as Wrightsville Beach’s Masonboro Inlet located to the north.


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