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19 May

We Fished For This But Got That…..A Fishing Story

September 7, 2023

Recently, Saltwater Angler’s contributing writer, Bob Carr, was fishing a local King Mackerel Tournament with a couple of fishing buddies. This is the story of that trip as told to me by Bob….and I laughed uncontrollably.

On a beautiful Saturday morning, the crew headed out the inlet on a mission to bring in the biggest King Mackerel of the tournament. The bait was plentiful and swimming in the bait well, rods and reels were standing tall and ready. Soon the lines were out and the trolling began. It was just a matter of time before a massive King would strike, and the winning fish would fight, surrender, and take a boat ride back to Sneads Ferry, NC, to be hung up for all the world to see….or at least the people at the weigh-in to see.

Then it happened. A rod started to shake and bend. Line started to spool off the reel at an amazing speed. It had to be at least a 50-pound King. This fish had to know that the former U.S. Open King Mackerel Champion (Bob Car) was there, and this big fish wanted to challenge him. So, the fight began. Take line and lose line, take line and lose line, and all the crew was sweating and filled with anticipation until the monster King was finally at the boat. What…it was no King Mackerel; it was a Barracuda! They quickly freed the King’s imposter. The lines went rapidly back into the water with fresh bait and an eager crew waiting onboard. In a matter of minutes, another hit. The fish took it hard and started to run. This time it had to be their winning King Mackerel as the reel started to scream. The fight to get the fish to the boat was tiring. Finally, he got there. Oops, another Barracuda! Then next, an Amberjack!

Later in the day, there was still no King, and time was running out, but it finally happened. Another hard hit. This one HAD to be a big King. It was time and after all, they were due. ” We were in a King Mackerel tournament, not a Barracuda or Amberjack tournament.” They were pulling in the lines and putting them in the rod holders to avoid tangles, leaving enough line for the bait to swim and stay fresh. While fighting the other fish, another fish came to the surface at the floating bait from the rig in the rod holder and took the line. He finally got the first fish to the boat only to learn it was a Cobia. After landing him, he got the hook out quickly and put him back in the water before he “beat the crap out of us!” They got the second fish to the boat and learned it was…..that’s right, another Cobia.

Anything but a King Mackerel. We headed back to Sneads Ferry with no Kings in the box. But the fact is, we had a great time that day. Friends fishing with friends. What can be better?

Thanks Bob, for this great story and for making us laugh. You’re a great fisherman with a great sense of humor and an extremely positive outlook on life. Thanks for all you do for Saltwater Angler & Sportsman.



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