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18 Jun

Captain Lee Parsons Announces New Fishing Academy Concept

The renowned inshore fishing guide has recently created a new approach to inshore fishing excursions. The all-new concept offers more than just a daily fishing trip, but the creation of a multi-trip fishing academy focusing on fishing education. The on-water classes come in 3-to-5-day classes and can be extended to additional class days if requested by the participants. The academy also features additional online sessions that come in video form addressing specific topics such as “Improved rigging”, “Adjusting to the current fishing season and weather conditions” and more.  

The new concept targets anglers seeking more than just a day-long fishing trip. Instead, seeking an organized fishing education option. The hands-on trips include on the water lessons in many aspects of fishing for species such as Redfish, Speckled Trout, Flounder, and others.  

For the past 30 years, Captain Parsons has been known as one the most popular fishing guides in North Carolina with inshore and offshore fishing experience that goes back well over 50 years. Lee is not only known for fishing knowledge and skills, but also for his many contributions to the North Carolina fishing industry in the areas of education and conservation. This latest venture targets anglers with multiple levels of fishing knowledge. Starting with the novice that is just entering the sport and moving up to the skilled fisherman seeking to go to the next level with Lee’s one-on-one expertise. The lesson series can be customized to meet the needs of the angler. Examples are the types of fishing approach, such as basic light tackle fishing, fly fishing and other aspects of inshore fishing. Topics will also provide education in selecting the right gear, lures, and other fishing needs.  

Captain Parsons’ Fishing Academy is one of only a few instructional programs in the United States today. It targets a growing number of fishermen transiting to the Southeastern coast that are looking to better understand the region’s coastal saltwater fishing techniques.  

For More Information: 910-540-2464



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